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In the world of security, providing access to the right kind of people is as important as keeping the wrong ones out. You need key FOBS, cards, biometric systems, credential readers, electronic door locks, control boards, and so on to make sure everything runs smoothly and on time. Mr. Security Camera has them all! You are one phone call away from employing our latest technology that locks and frees corridors of information and personnel without causing any disruption to daily workflow.

Access Control Solutions for commercial, educational, government and industrial environments. Having effective access control systems in place is one of the most reliable ways to protect your business, property, and provides a physical layer of security. True access control is not just about keeping people out, but allow the right people in. Let Mr. Security Camera lead you down the right path in the world of access control. Mr. Security Camera’s access control systems are engineered for the long haul. With services that include installation, maintenance and repairs; we have you covered. Oh, one last thing, Mr. Security Camera now offers access control cloud management.

What Is Access Control?

Access Control refers to the control of your doors and locks with the use of credential readers, electronic door locks, and control boards. Credential formats can include key FOBS, cards, biometric and many more. You can prevent intruders from entering your business, while also allowing your employees to get where they need to go easily through your building at the right time. Access control is a key component to the security of your business; you want it done right. With Mr. Security Camera you can feel assured that we will custom design and construct a flawless access control security system to fit your business needs. Access control at its very core is very simple tech that can be very complex and overwhelming to implement. Let the experts at Mr. Security Camera design, install and maintain your access control system.

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