5 Strategic Tips to Make Your Lobby Safer

Cameras are the most critical asset in your security surveillance system. Therefore, protecting them should be your number one goal. By doing so, you are safeguarding your physical space and data.

There is no other pertinent place to have your cameras other than outside. While here, they are highly susceptible to damage, vandalism, and theft. However, there is a solution – tamper-proofing them, which you can do in various ways.

In this blog, we provide 4 tips that will ensure your security cameras are not tampered with and, in turn, protect you and your premises.

Protecting Your Security Cameras – Smart Tips to Ensure they are Safe!

  • Place the Security Cameras in Inaccessible Areas

The first step to ensuring protection in your security cameras is mounting them in areas out of reach. Usually, when someone wants to vandalize the camera, they will probably hit or spray paint it.

Therefore you have to ensure that it's in a place where it's not easily recognizable such as on high ceilings, on the building's side, or on a wall. If you can set the camera on somewhere higher, the safer it will be.

In high spaces, the hoons will not manage to see or access it. At such points, the security cameras cover a larger area, giving you a better view of your premises.

  • Use Protective Cases

Once you place the security cameras on high areas, it's time to get a protective covering. As you get this protection, ensure that the material used does not obscure the view from the camera.

A well-protected camera cage makes the vandals afraid of tampering with it. They know that they cannot reach it without drawing attention that could sell them.

  • Install Vandal Proof Security Cameras

When purchasing the security cameras, ensure they are tamper resistant and feature a vandal-proof casing. Such protects them from damage, especially the lens. Even thieves who try to break such cameras will still function well.

As you select the camera with a vandal-proof casing, ensure that it does not obstruct your view. The case should also come from durable material and be weatherproof.

  • Hide the Cameras

If you can secrete your cameras, the better, but do so in a way that will still cover the essential details of your property. Concealing the cameras is not easy but if you find a way out, do it. 

Look for corners around your home that aren't easily visible and mount the security camera there. Another option can be purchasing camouflage cameras for your building.

Besides hiding your camera, placing it in high areas, and having a vandal-proof casing, you can also take the extra step of regularly updating the camera software. You want to ensure you are in line with the latest security updates, and this ensures you identify the loopholes that hackers might use to wreck your cameras.

Wrapping UP

All to say, be extra careful with your security cameras. Get the tamper-proof ones to ensure your property is safe from any threat. At Mr. Security Camera Texas, you can get the tamper-proof security solutions you require. Give us a call today at 214 283-5751.