How to Maintain the Security Camera System Installed on Your Property?

How to Maintain the Security Camera System Installed on Your Property?

You have spent a lot of money on the security camera system installed on your property so it is natural for you to look for ways to ensure that the system remains operational for a long time so that you can get your money’s worth of services from it.

Maintaining a CCTV camera system doesn’t necessarily have to be a chore. You can follow the simple tips mentioned below and make the most out of the security camera system installed on your property – 

Make Sure That the System is Running on an Updated Software

Modern CCTV systems, according to the opinion of an expert associated with a leading company that offers security camera installation Dallas TX services, are mostly run over the internet. The central control station will have a single interface that will allow the user to have complete control over the system. According to experts, maintenance of a typical modern-day CCTV system begins with ensuring that the application acting as the interface for the system is up-to-date and is connected to the internet so that it can continuously receive over-the-air updates.

The CCTV System’s Field of View Should not be Blocked

One has to ensure that every camera attached to the CCTV system has an unblocked field of view. One has to hire professional tree surgeons and ask them to prune the hedges or the tall trees on the property as soon they start witnessing tree branches or hedges are blocking the view of the CCTV cameras that are resulting in obscured footage from the same.

The Lenses of the CCTV Cameras Need to be Cleaned Periodically

As per expert technicians associated with Mr. Security Camera – one of the leading providers of CCTV camera installation Dallas TX services, one has to clean the lenses of all the CCTV cameras periodically using a solvent and a microfiber cloth. This will help remove dirt, debris, and moisture from the surface of the camera lenses which will ultimately lead to clear footage captures. On top of this, clean CCTV camera lenses also reduce the chances of glare in the footage – a direct result where incoming light rays are distorted by dirt or debris accumulated in the camera lens leading to obscurities in the captured surveillance footage. 

All Connectors and Camera Housings Should be Checked

You would also need to find some time to inspect the camera housings, exposed electronics as well as the connectors of the surveillance system for corrosion. In case you witness even minute instances of corrosion in any part of your CCTV camera system, hire a professional team of experts and ask them to replace the corroded part(s) with new ones, as soon as possible.

Fail to do this and your CCTV system may break down completely after falling prey to instances of short circuit!


Apart from following the tips mentioned above, you would also need to keep in mind that periodic inspections from the people who have installed the CCTV surveillance system on your property will help the same to remain operational for a long time. Get in touch with them and ask them to offer you an AMC for the CCTV surveillance system installed on your property today!