The 5 Best Positions for Your Commercial Security Cameras

Surveillance systems are an essential part of a business's security and safety plan. They help prevent theft by employees and customers and also prevent time-wasting behaviors. However, the placement of surveillance cameras is the key. If you have the camera facing the wrong side, what's the camera's point in the first place?  

Mr. Security Camera has worked with various businesses, and here are some of the best places to install surveillance systems for your business.  

Points of entry and exit  

Having surveillance systems at the building's entrances and exits will allow you to track who is inside your building and for how long they've been there.  

The cameras will help you get a good look at the people coming in and out and could prevent potential crimes from happening. To get a clear picture of a person's face, you recommend placing the camera near an object bound to catch their attention, like a TV monitor or a prominent sign. When they turn to see the object, the camera will capture the entire picture.  

Point of sale terminals  

Wherever the cash registers are present, there should be cameras. Psychologically, this will discourage customers, as well as employees, from stealing.  

While setting up cameras in these spots, ensure that they face where the customer would stand and that the camera is no more than seven to eight feet high. If you set up the camera any 

higher, you will get nothing except a clear view of the top of the customer's head, which doesn't help identify suspects.  

Reception area  

The area with the most traffic in any business is the reception. Hence it should be covered by surveillance systems. With the modern technology Mr. Security Camera offers, the cameras can blend into your decor because of their compact size.  


Your warehouse stores many valuable and expensive inventory, which makes it the hotspot for theft, either by employees or from outsiders.  

To protect your warehouse, mount cameras inside and outside of the warehouse to stop potential crime from happening. To get the best surveillance recording, keep your warehouse brightly lit throughout the day. If you can't see the culprit, what's the point of a camera?  

The exterior of the office building  

Most crimes start outside, and having external security cameras will protect the cars in the parking lot and keep tabs on employee's actions. The cameras will record license plate numbers which will help identify the culprits and even assist law enforcement to recover stolen items and provide a sense of security to employees at night.  

To help the clients capture license plate cameras, MSC offers specialty cameras known as LPR (License Plate Recognition) Cameras. These devices allow for searchable logs of license plates in the system, thus offering easier and reliable vehicle recognition.  

Every business is different and unique, and that's how we approach each commercial camera installation at Mr. Security Camera. You can trust us to custom tailor surveillance systems to fit your needs and protect your business and employees from potential harm.  

If you need assistance in deciding which cameras would best suit your needs, contact us at (214) 283-5751 for more details.