Top 3 Crime Prevention Tips for Businesses

Crime can be expensive, costing the US over $100 billion in yearly losses. Therefore it's crucial to take a proactive approach when protecting yourself from becoming a victim of crime.

As crime isn't limited to any particular industry or business type, you must always stay alert and active. You can easily protect yourself by following these three simple tips.

Use a Proper Security System 

An alarm can do a lot more than protect your business. It can alert people in your neighborhood of possible suspicious activity and prompt them to call 911. If an alarm sign is visibly posted, criminals will think you have a security system monitoring your store, which will deter them from breaking in.

Check Your Inventory Regularly 

Criminals often prey on small, local businesses because they're less likely to have sophisticated surveillance and tracking software. Make sure your inventory is in order. This includes products you buy from suppliers. Regularly review your inventory and mark down what's been sold or destroyed. You may have a theft problem if a product isn't where it should be. Having a security system in place can help you prevent such incidents.

Be Aware of Information Theft 

Information theft is a serious issue, especially considering how easy it is to steal information. But many criminals don't see any wrong in their actions because they aren't using it for personal gain; instead, data can be passed on to partners or sold on the black market. Crime prevention isn't just about locking up your belongings—it's also about keeping track of who has access to your information.

Manage access to your building by keeping doors locked, no matter how brief an employee's absence or errand might be.

Your business should be safer from theft and burglaries following these three tips. Business owners should do their best to protect their company and assets, including limited business information.

Review and update your business’s current security measures. Reduce incidents by setting a culture of crime awareness among your employees, following federal and state laws, be aware of specific business safety risks (based on industry). Implement a risk management program, and conduct effective pre-employment screening practices.

Remember—crime is not biased, so take precautions to prevent it from happening in your place of business!

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